provocative sans arrogance
handsome and confident
thoughts of you leave me restless

passion spirals outta control
once clenched by anguish
yet eternally secure with your manipulation of my heart
unlocked by the cadence of sweet intensity

you revived my desire
lying there in a deep slumber
quietly I watch your chest rise breath after breath
beckoning my lips to softly kiss…nibble…lick, I refrain

inhaling an invisible elixir of rejuvenation
exhaling the stress of a life well lived
a deep slumber only a brief respite

embracing the pillow with the security of that of my bosom
i wonder what your waking thought will be
will you crave my femininity

pre-dawn anticipation of passion awakens me
discovering solace in your control
offering a place to invigorate your strength and poise

in your dreams and under your influence i've taken hold
my walls spasm at mere thought of the love you deftly paint them with
stroke after delightful stroke a mélange of love, lust…an unbreakable union

tornado of intensity
just as I’m ready to let go...forever
innate is your way of loving me
enticing me back like opium to an addict

© MCG 2010



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I really enjoyed this.