Timeless Thought ~ Creative Expression

Consciousness expresses itself through creation.
This world we live in is the dance of the creator.
Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on.
On many an occasion, when I am dancing, I have felt touched by something sacred.
In those moments, I felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists.
I become the stars and the moon.
I become the lover and the beloved.
I become the victor and the vanquished.
I become the master and the slave.
I become the singer and the song.
I become the knower and the known.
I keep on dancing and then, it is the eternal dance of creation.
The creator and the creation merge into one wholeness of joy.
I keep on dancing…until there is only…the dance.

~ Michael Jackson | Inside cover of Dangerous (2001)



12kyle said...

It's STILL hard to believe that he's really gone. Good post!

CareyCarey said...

This post makes me want to dance. Can I have this dance with you?

Well, even if we can not cross the plain of blogsphere, I used you in a post just the other day. I danced with you and smelled your perfume - sort of.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

@12kyle ~ Yep, it still seems strange.

@Carey ~ Uh oh...I'll be by shortly :-).

MOMSWEB said...

"Pressure turns rocks into diamonds." I like that and THANK YOU for sharing.

Ms. T said...

Really good post

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andrea said...


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

@MOMSWEB ~ I have to remind myself of that also. Keep up the great work :-)!


@Ms. T ~ Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. Will visit you soon.


@andrea ~ Ciao Andrea! Grazie per il saluto. Hanno un grande weekend!