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Do you know someone who always has something fresh and exciting under their sleeve? I sure do...Kiwi Da Kween!

Poet, writer, gourmet cook, designer, comedienne, blogger, believer in the power of love and all-around good peeps, Kiwi is a dynamic woman who welcomes you with open arms and unselfishly shares her insight, interests and talents with us on a regular basis. I'm thankful and blessed to have been introduced to her by the infamous cyber/social butterfly Funky Black Chick. Kiwi thoughtfully crafted this piece which makes you wonder how the mechanics of love really work.

"Flying High"

Loving someone can be the most beautiful feeling. Its like balloons lifting in spring breezes. Its like a cressing of waves defying water's weight asea.

When loving someone...the lift in your heart can be your soul's own kite afloat in the wind's twist. You feel as if nothing else matters except this flight you're on.

I won't say..."well, when you fall out of love or are betrayed...you come crashing to the ground. Your fragile kite made of tissue paper and a diamond skeleton are broken instantaneously upon hitting the earth". No...I won't say that. That would be the logical and semi-cynical reply.

I believe that the love lost...is never truly lost. If the love you've experienced...took you higher than a kite's flight...higher than a wave's cress...or a balloon's highest climb...then the feeling of "losing" love, is more like coasting in mid-air. I mean, even when kites and balloons fall out of the sky...they sometimes get stuck in trees. Maybe they're not soaring anymore...but they still get the live in the glory of being high. Perhaps that is equal to having loved and lost...than to never have loved at all.

I don't know why it is that against all common sense and people's perceptions...that two people, seemingly not meant or possibly ill-matched, still are able to contain something explosive. Against odds, circumstances and sometimes physical placement...people can still fly right into the heart of another. Often taking up residence in the high limbs of soulful connections with roots in love.

One of the things that I despise and try not to do...is judge someone else's love. I ask questions to make them think, give them theories based on what they tell me...but, when the curtains close and fall...no one knows but those two what they had. You can never truly know what lies in a connection between spirits met. Why? Because each individual affects another differently. What may be "A" and "B's" connection...may be different between "A" and "C". Oil to water...water to sand. Oil and water can be emulsified into a smooth pour...water and sand however can build something else.

I guess...that when loving someone...no matter how kindred and transcendental the bond, there is always room and circumstance for it to end. Failure? Or simple fading? Ending? Or hiatus? I guess it all depends on the day...consisting of perfect kite and balloon flying winds...

© 2009 Kiwi/DaKween/Keys

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CareyCarey said...

Hello Miss Curvy,

Instead of running my mouth ....I hope you don't mind.

Is Love Gone:

Within the shadows of your smile,
I too have memories.
Good memories
You sheltered me
You covered me
You are my rock.
I too have tears.
A home is in the heart
You shut the door Yesterday, how many yesterdays?
I cry for yesterday.
I too think of tomorrow
Is love like yesterday?
Is it gone forever
Or just out of season
After the cold of winter
Can it spring back?
Shattered dreams, yet I dream
A flicker of hope
I miss you
You've been gone
Will you come back
Is love gone?
Will I
Can I
Love again?

By Carey