..::Lore Thru Lyricism ~ Chrisette Michele::..

Chrisette Michele raises the bar with lyrics that inspire and empower. Her latest CD, Epiphany, is a must have for music lovers.



Retromus-ik said...

Beautiful voice! I'll check out her stuff;)

MochaSwissMrs said...

I'm currently rocking this cd! I had some reserve at first because after hearing "Epiphany(I'm Leaving)" I thought that she had changed her sound too much-I was wrong-she is still true to her debut album but a little more contemporary-I love it. My favorites are "Porcelain Doll" "Fragile" and "Blame It On Me"

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

@Retromus-ik ~ Glad you enjoyed. Her first two CDs were great too.


@MochaSwissMrs ~ I thought the same thing at first too. I guess some artists can make that adjustment better than others. I'm glad to see her getting her props this time also.