Emotional Enigma

You crossed my mind early this mornin’...

To admit I miss you is to confess there’s a void

To say I’m confused is to concede I’m tormented by desire

To replay the good moments is to create a deeper longing

Adoration blindly constructed
Fragmented exposed emotions

To uncover a deficiency is to admit there’s a quandary

To want you in my life is to expose my emotions...vulnerability

To ponder unanswered questions is to assume the worst

Fragile yet resilient
Pliable yet strong-willed

To be unresponsive is to tolerate crippling hesitation

To ignore and forget is to repeat past faux pas

To understand and forgive is to acquire a mature mindset

A delicate affair
Necessitates reciprocity

Who grips the precious missing piece?

© MCG 2008


yoli220 said...

Amazingly beautiful!

Solomon said...

It is a delicate affair!
And the missing piece?

Moanerplicity said...

To acknowledge one's own vulnerability is a quiet strength.
To keep it real is a human treasure.

Keep snatchin JOY!