When Desire Meets Daydreams

Love will find me
Behind the superficial mask of contentment
Open my heart to the possibilities

He wraps his strong, comforting arms around my eager yet cautious desire

Quietly sneaks up from behind, waking me from an emotional slumber

Catches me off guard by his disarming charm and wit

Whispering sweet words of reassurance that this is meant to be

Slowly detangling my heart from past infatuation, setting it free to love and be loved

He gazes deeply into my weary eyes with a piercing command of my attention…I’m rendered speechless

Grasping my hand gently taking the lead, admiring my beauty like a precious work of fine art

He admires my intellect just as much as my physique

Unlocking my protected, guarded heart, he seeks and finds the true me

She, who has the capacity to love, desires to be the apple of his eye

He energizes me, intertwines our aspirations and loves me for me

Soothes my hesitation with acts that reveal dedication

His attentiveness shines on me and defies logic, yet I groove with it

Proving to me that it doesn’t hurt to freely love and trust another…no regrets…no shame

Not taking my affection for granted, he appreciates my quirks

He applauds my successes and persuades me to break through roadblocks and setbacks

His name is Love and he caught me daydreaming

Passion’s intoxicating perfume erased the days I only reached him through my dreams

Separated by miles and time…could he be the one?

© MCG 2009


Jimmy said...

This is very inspirational CG!

I could use a little unlocking once in a while myself.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Thanks, I think we all can :)!

yoli220 said...

Very sultry...I loved it! There's nothing better than when that desire melts through daydreams and that Love becomes tangible! Yummy!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hey Yo! Thanks for stopping by! Hope your birthday weekend was a blast :-).

clnmike said...

Very smooth.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I appreciate your feedback, Mike :)!